The Habitat Fund

Through knowledge in scientific innovation we help evolve industries to become ecologically sustainable.

Conscience of our environment, we set forth our Institute’s scientific innovations with the intent to educate those who share common awareness for the crucial changes necessary to evolve ecological sustainability within our North American industries. As these historic and modern industries progress, it is only through awareness that scientific innovation can be brought into the open, allowing a common understanding and recognition for the imperative changes necessary to sustain our natural world’s ecological integrity.
In creating The Habitat Fund, we are directing our efforts towards the advancement and development within the following:

  • ecosystem restoration
  • climate change
  • carbon trading
  • advance mitigation and conservation banking
  • national system for habitat valuation
  • sustaining ecosystem services
  • continuing education

We do this by providing A System For Assessing Habitat Value called Combined Habitat Assessment Protocols or CHAP that is a spatially explicit system used to quantify habitat quality by evaluating biodiversity and their functions within an ecosystem.

Please help us in creating a system change in collaboration with existing conservation efforts that will advance the development within these key industries. Allowing for The Habitat Institute to educate and share our science in a broader light. It is through knowledge, understanding, technology, and scientific development that we will progress this conservation movement together.

The Habitat Institute welcomes supporting contributions of any size.