October 2014

Southern California Association of Governments accepts and makes available to the public the Conservation Framework and Assessment. View Report

September 2014

A final version of a Conservation Framework and Assessment Strategy that highlights the CHAP approach at multiple scales was submitted to the Southern California Association of Governments.

August 2014

A final report that would update wildlife goals and objectives as part of the FERC process for the Cowlitz Falls, WA project was submitted to Lewis County PUD.

August 2014

CHAP assessment was completed and submitted to Grand Ronde Tribes as part of a recent land acquisition.

August 2014

Corps of Engineers begins 2 new projects using CHAP.

July 2014

Corps of Engineers’ Planning Center of Expertise begins an extensive review of the CHAP approach for regional approval.

June 2014

Corps of Engineers restart Aliso Creek project using CHAP.

May 2014

Corps of Engineers and City of Los Angeles have agreed to a $1 billion dollar habitat restoration project for the Los Angeles River. NHI did the baseline conditions and alternative scenarios using CHAP.

May 2014

Grand Ronde Tribe has contracted with NHI to develop a CHAP evaluation of recently acquired land.

February 2014

Specific Species Assessment Method (SAM) for the Oregon Chub that was done in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife assists with the delisting of the first fish species ever (Oregon Chub) in the United States