SOUL VIBES feat. Sol Tribe a Benefit Event for The Habitat Institute

MAY 11TH | Santa Cruz, California USA | Sol Tribe

Please Join Us for SOUL VIBES a benefit event for

The Habitat Institute

Sol Tribe will be making a surprise appearance on their Spring Tour in Santa Cruz, California for this event. We are hoping you too will join our community of fellow artist and get behind this cause.

Our NATURAL systems are complex, interrelated, and ever-changing, and deeply spiritual. We need them, though it is humbling to admit that they do not need us. Because of mankind’s unprecedented relationship with nature and our ability to alter and degrade these natural habitats, we must align and attune ourselves to its protection.

Santa Cruz, is coming together to take a proactive step to raise awareness and to support our local nonprofit The Habitat Institute. Together we can further the development and implementation of sound ecology and continue to strive in sustaining our natural habitats and their fish and wildlife for the future.

We are hoping you’ll join us in this cause!

Here is a link (below) to one of THI’s accomplishments. Our San Francisco South Bay Restoration project. So, you can get the idea of the complexity involved in continuing these important strategic scientific efforts in supporting our fish and wildlife and their habitats for our future.

The wildlife habitat assessment of the South San Francisco Bay Shoreline study evaluated 173 polygons. Baseline conditions that consisted of 16 different habitat types were determined to describe the 6,674 acres (2,700 ha) site. The number of fish and wildlife species associated with the project totaled 253, of which 51 were fish, 165 birds, 30 terrestrial mammals, 6 reptiles, and 1 marine mammal.

Our event website will go-live soon and we will reveal our confirmed local Santa Cruz artist, supporters and contributors for this cause…a cause worth fighting for


Please Note: Address of this event is not currently available to the public.