Interning at the Habitat Institute

Open-ended Internships with the Habitat Institute are available for your submissions:

Habitat Institute is 501(c)(3) a scientific and education organization providing development and support for students undertaking careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The Institute will consider some Internship opportunities for those aspiring outside of the STEM advanced degrees fields.

As an Institution focused on ecological sustainability for the future, we trust in career work opportunities for individuals with a passion and mind set for helping solve complex environmental issues related to the Institute’s mission statement. We believe this is an imperative piece of the puzzle as we strive to achieve harmony with our natural world.

If you are interested in an Internship with the Institute please submit a maximum two-page Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) , and a maximum three-page Proposal of what you hope to accomplish.

All proposals must include your specifics of your goals and objectives and visions or ideas. As well as what you hope to add to our team.

Please apply with your SOQ’s and Proposals to Kathleen O’Neill:

Please be aware that there are some special requirements for international interns. These can be found here.