December 2013

Northwest Habitat Institute continues to maintain the Integrated Habitat and Biodiversity Information System or IBIS for the Columbia River Basin at no-cost to Bonneville Power Administration or Northwest Power and Conservation Council.

November 2013

Ecology Review of Los Angeles River – The Panel found the Combined Habitat Assessment Protocol (CHAP) habitat analysis to be very impressive. Using the CHAP methodology, a comprehensive analysis of current conditions, future conditions without remediation and an evaluation of the alternatives have been conducted in a reasonable and defensible fashion. Assumptions are clearly laid out with respect to what the restoration would mean to the type and amount of habitat

September 2013

Southern California Association of Governments selects SAIC and the Northwest Habitat Institute to prepare a Regional Habitat Conservation Assessment Methodology and Database

August 2013

LIDAR Imagery: Bureau of Land Management enters into an Agreement with the Northwest Habitat Institute to process LIDAR imagery to help identify Special Habitats.

July 2013

USACE calls for Environmental Services for Development of Combined Habitat Assessment Protocol for Projects within California, Arizona, Southern Nevada, Southwestern Utah, and Other Areas Served by the South Pacific Division
Solicitation Number: W912PL-12-S-0008

June 2013

Lewis County PUD is using the CHAP approach to determine baseline conditions at their Cowlitz Falls, Washington project.

June 2013

Orange County Water District is using the CHAP approach to determine baseline conditions and alternative scenarios for Ecosystem Restoration project within the Prado Basin.

May 2013

The USACE Center of Expertise has approved the Combined Habitat Assessment Protocols or CHAP method for the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration project in California.

April 2013

The City of Portland selects ICF International and Northwest Habitat Institute as on-call environmental consultants.