Species Specific Approach

Species Specific Accounting:
Our approach represents a species-specific accounting method to address the extent and quality of habitat for a species or key environmental correlate and to incorporate additional information relating to specific habitat suitability. This method is patterned after the species and habitat associations using the wildlife-habitat relationships concepts. The approach focuses on changes in the ecological function of the site and provides an opportunity to evaluate where systems may be most vulnerable to impacts and where management activities should be focused to protect or enhance habitat integrity. The accounting method can be used to determine the credit value resulting from habitat restoration, creation, enhancement, and preservation.

The Following  Species Accounts are Available Upon Request

  • Southwestern Pond Turtle
  • Clapper Rail
  • Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse
  • Burrowing Owl
  • Vernal Pool – Clay Lens
  • Fairy Shrimp

For better understanding of this method, please have a look at a past project featured in Fisheries Magazine.

A Species Crediting Methodology that Supports Conservation Banking for an Endangered Floodplain Minnow