Geographic Information System (GIS) Data

Welcome to the Habitat Institute’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Data.

This section was developed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data used in Wildlife-Habitat accounting. GIS Data is a key piece in ecological habitat assessments. The Habitat Institute uses IBIS, which holds Wildlife-Habitat and ancillary GIS data as well as subbasin planning data.

The Habitat Institute’s policies and procedures have changed regarding GIS data access. Please inquire for GIS data admittance. Thank you.

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We requests that we be cited as the data source in any metadata or on any maps, reports, or other publications that incorporate these data.

All GIS data sets on this site are Arc/Info(c) coverages in Arc/Info(c) Export Format unless otherwise noted. All files have been compressed with the WinZip utility and can be extracted with WinZip, or PKZip, or similar extraction programs (see below). Be sure to use the “restore directories” option when extracting the zipped Arc/Info(c) grids.

The Habitat Institute is not responsible for the misuse of these data or any inaccuracies in the data. Please see the THI Copyright/Terms of Use page for further liability limitations and restrictions for using these and other data provided on the NHI web site.

If you have a specific data request please contact us.