Integrated Biodiversity Information System (IBIS)

Welcome to the Integrated Biodiversity Information System (IBIS).

IBIS is a sophisticated system developed and designed to maintain an epicenter for our fish and wildlife, their habitat and life history relationships data in the Western US and portions of Canada. IBIS runs sequences of 10 intricate data sets that address wildlife species, fish species, wildlife habitats, habitat structure, key environmental correlates, key ecological functions, management activities, life history; species range maps, and salmonid-wildlife relationships. IBIS is part of the Combined Habitat Assessment Protocols (CHAP), which is used for habitat evaluations and is the main engine to determine habitat value. That is for habitat evaluations; IBIS creates unprejudiced outputs based on available data.

As time moves forward our knowledge in science progresses. Just as scientific data is ever evolving so is the programing language inherent of IBIS. IBIS can speak in an array of spectrums ranging from the coarse to fine quantitative scale, dependent on client’s desired detail and data availability.

IBIS has evolved over a 14 year process involving more than 40 organizations and input from more than 700 individual and over 100 experts in peer-reviewed process structured to confirm and refine all available data. IBIS contains extensive information about fish, wildlife, and their habitats, but more noteworthy, IBIS attempts to reveal and analyze the relationships among these species and their habitats.

The Habitat Institute hopes this is a place where you the student, scientist, resource manager or any other interested user can discover and analyze these relationships. Hence, we offer our habitat definitions, and some GIS and PDF information for free (a sign in with a valid email is required). Additionally, if you are interested in viewing or retrieving any of IBIS’s Columbia River Basin Subbasin Planning information, please click below for the signup form.

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The Habitat Institute proposes the continued development of the Integrated Habitat and Biodiversity Information System (IBIS) tabular and spatial databases and its interactive Internet interface.

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